Why work at symbio?

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We wondered, too. We asked Martin Jaroš,
possibly the greatest Czech marketer of the decade.
What did he say?

Will you fit? The more values you share, the better!

we're professionals you can rely
on, and we're nice people, too.

We are all about craft, quality & order, but just as a important is
how we get along.

we're a grown-up agency,
but we still love to play.

We’ve got tons of experience and our own way of working, but what got us
here is an insatiable appetite for discovery.

we don't wait until things
happen. we make them happen.

There's an opportunity? Take it. Something’s wrong? Fix it.
Something’s missing? Find it. In doubt? Ask.

What kind of agency are we? And who are we as people? Watch our video and see what the founders Robert and Libor think.

Martin Cajthaml - portrét


(aka von) is our
developer-in-chief, and
a playful one, too

If there is some new tech on the market, Von has dismantled and reassembled it already. We play with anything from printed circuits to VR applications, and share our knowledge.

Lenka Šlajchrtová - portrét


is our project manager.
and a mom.

We do all we can to help her combine work with parenting: she can work from home or bring little Adam to the office. We even have a playroom. We are one hell of a parent friendly agency.

Robert Haas - portrét


is one of the
co-founders of symbio

Thanks to him, we know we all have a share of the responsibility for the whole agency. That’s why every year we all get a share of agency revenue as a reward. Success and responsibility go hand in hand.

Memory picture
Memory picture

Creating Symbio, day by day

There are things that just aren't worth remembering, and there are things we hope no one will ever remember...

And then there's symbio memory: a record of events that got us where we are today, both good and bad.

Memory picture
Memory picture
Memory picture
Memory picture
Memory picture
Memory picture
Memory picture
Memory picture
Memory picture
Memory picture
Prague 3rd floor Pardubice office Prague 1st floor

An interactive walk in our offices in Prague and Pardubice