SYMBIO is looking for an account manager

Wanna see your future day-to-day life?
Just take a look!

We gave them a chance to discredit us

Vojta Šmíd - photo

This is Vojta,
You're gonna work with Vojta.

The closest person to you will be the project manager.

He’ll help you resolve the budget and timeline, and he’ll keep an eye on the ddl of your project and the capacity of your team. This will give you more time to work on the clients that we have.

Dominika Kouřilová - photo


One can't avoid forwarding emails and filling out sheets but that's not the main point in this job. Account managers also take part in the creative process. For example I helped come up with ideas on spots for Ria.

Ondřej Hlásek - photo


Our clients like us and we like them. There is friendly vibe in SYMBIO, but even here it can happen that someone accidentally borrows your favourite coffee mug. You can handle that, right?

Jan Pažin - photo


We’ve done a 3D car controlled by a smile, Zdeněk Pohlreich poured egg white snow on his head because of us, and we’ve turned on lights with a mobile phone. Yeah, that last one didn’t go so well.