Art Director

Hi, my name is Martin and I am looking to hire an art director.

But wait, there’s more, obviously. I am looking for somebody with great visual thinking, but also with a bit of sense for identifying good insights and important topics.

In short, you should probably be familiar with the following stuff:

  • cultural relevance of the brand
  • workings of public space and acceptable ways of manipulating it
  • experiential marketing
  • content, earned media and digital PR

If you follow and adore the work of Nike, Burger King or New York Times, it will be easy to find common ground.

Things we can offer in exchange for your talent:

  • quite progressive creative product that you don’t easily find elsewhere,
  • 100% buy-in on this approach from the top management,
  • people on the team who really care about their work and like it to make sense,
  • already some open-minded clients who are a joy to work with (Ria, KitKat, Birell)
  • well, money.

It would be great if you already had agency experience (preferably digital), as it will smooth down the onboarding process. But an editorial or media background counts just as well.

P.S.: If you tick all the boxes except being an art director, hit me up, too. We’ll manage.