client service director

Fancy leading a teamful of super-talented people who always have your back?

Be the leader of our accounts team! You'll keep our clients so satisfied that reaching our yearly targets will be a piece of cake. To achieve this, you'll have a top-notch team that love meeting even the highest expectations on a daily basis.

What we expect of you

  • leading the accounts team and making them and even better accounts team,
  • doing everything necessary to meet yearly targets,
  • winning the biggest pitches and keeping an eagle eye on key accounts,
  • having the most satisfied client portfolio on the market - and keeping it so,
  • knowing when it's time to let a client go,
  • initiating progress and making client service our competitive advantage.

What you should know by heart

  • how to manage an account's everyday struggles and keep the best people on board,
  • how to be a natural leader the whole agency can follow,
  • how to negotiate with top tier managers of multinational companies,
  • how to navigate the agency market both at home and abroad,
  • how to deal with the everyday agenda, and unflappably manage the departure of a key client,
  • how to keep your work in perfect order, so others can rely on you 24/7.