Make us open
a position for you

symbio has a strong record of taking on people we weren’t looking for in the first place, but who convinced us we needed them, we just didn’t know it yet.

Jakub Ondrášek - portrét


Started as a Project manager. Now a UX Designer.

Jiří Kadlčík - portrét


Started on an internship.Now a Head of Design team.

Šárka Sovadlinová - portrét


Started as a Office manager.Now a UI Designer.

Want to follow their lead?

If you're really feeling it, send us the following:

What you’ve
been through

It’s 21st century. If you don’t have a fancy CV, a fancy LinkedIn profile will do just fine.

What you
would like to do

Since we don't have an opening,
we don't have a vision for you. Share yours with us.

What you are
capable of

Especially if you are a creative
person, a killer portfolio is what buys your ticket in.

Who you are
off the clock

Have an outstanding collection
of 20th century telegraph poles? Do amaze us!