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ČSOB Pojišťovna

Emotional video concept for social media Target group analysis / Moving online video / Effective social media campaign and website

Product education campaign


Microsite / Interactive calculator with brand’s benefits

Story of Heinrich Mattoni

Karlovarské minerální vody

Discover Heinrich Mattoni's life in an unconventional way / Hand drawn graphics / Late 19th century retro / Microsite

Back in time


Mobile web application / Retro selfie / Face recognition / Mapping face into animation

Social media in paradise


Conference website / Intuitive UX / Payment and registration / Polygon curtain

Beyond radar


Product video with 3D elements / Easy management via Orange Gate CMS / Intuitive UX

Get or give a gift


Emotional storytelling / Advanced photo shoot postproduction / Intensive Facebook campaign

At the touch of a button


Interactive stop motion animation / Unique use of FB and YT functions / Social media campaign

Find your new office


Search and map innovation / Easy comparison of the offers / Exportable search results

Don´t give up your hobby


Inspiring campaign / Outstanding banner performance / GoPro camera video shoot

Lottery photo helper


Transforming picture into numbers / Emotional and personal content usage / Polygonization

Unexpected combinations


In-house video production / Website redesign / Extensive multi-format campaign

Curaçao online magazine

Fortress Interactive

Interactive online magazine / Animations / Clear and responsive design

Make yourself a Schorle

Karlovarské minerální vody

New product category establishment / Responsive interactive animation / Extensive banner campaign

Lonely Planet Czech

Svojtka & Co.

Content oriented website / Seamless design / Local design beating the global solution

Become an Avon Lady

Avon Cosmetics CZ

Simple and comprehensive recruitment site / Instagram-feel design / Clearly organized content

Insurance company website

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Fully personalized website / SOYKA system implementation / Customized product pages



Presidential simulator game / Hilarious graphics / Immediate viral effect

Vyčůrané přání


First peeing in the snow simulator / Microsite and smartphone syncing / Gyroscope tracking

Chef vs. Machine


Six episodes of YT cooking show / In-house video production / Extensive rich-media display campaign

Easy ironing


In-house video production / Extensive customer testing / Performance, image and video banners

Christmas baking


Real website baking / Easter-egg surprise in the code / Baking-of video

Henri the billionaire


Building the character personality / In-house video production / Intensive content campaign

Let’s blog about stuff


Simple, clear and responsive blog / Non selling brand building platform / Content marketing

Magnesia RED

Karlovarské minerální vody

Addictive scrolling game / Playful way to explain the product benefits / Extensive banner campaign

The story of chocolate

Lindt & Sprüngli

Interactive brand story experience / Infotainment application / Hand drawn mini games

Other side of SIM


Character concept, design and animation / Animated videos / Context display campaign

Volavka attacks!


Digital campaign microsite / Funny phone calls explaining the product benefits / Display campaign

My train app

České dráhy

Rail info mobile application / Graphic design / UX design

Perfect coffee moment


Brand image campaign / Story based microsite / Interactive in-video elements

Avon Sport

Avon Cosmetics CZ

FB application / Innovative game mechanism / Hints driving user actions

Philips Multicooker


Product-oriented microsite / Interactive scrolling experience / Live cooking show with Zdeněk Pohlreich

Ask your neighbor

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Data based website / Personalized newsletter campaign / Simple graphic design

Juice up your mobile

ČEZ Group

Loyalty program mobile app / UX and graphic design / Web API connection

Bramac redesign


Revised UX design / Modern graphic design approach / Interactive house visualization

Philips Lumea


Full scale digital campaign – CZ, SK, HU / Womanly designed microsite / ”Ode to smoothness” video

Start your own café!

Douwe Egberts

FB app development / Social tools implementation / Display banner and social ads campaign

Mattoni redesign

Karlovarské minerální vody

Timeless & classy design / nteractive backgrounds / Tempting and lively browsing experience

Learn to play Sportka


Yearlong concept / Microsite with tips and tricks to win / Online lottery helpers

Red Carpet Challenge

Karlovarské minerální vody

Czech Film Academy Awards campaign / YT custom gadget development / Bloopers section

T-Mobile Biathlon


Multiscreen interactive experience / Microsite and smartphone syncing / Video production and postproduction

ViralBlog mobile app


Global mobile app / Vast database content connection / Easy customization

Magnesium campaign

Karlovarské minerální vody

First Czech live banner campaign / More than 700 comments on daily news / Content monitoring system

Pay & run!

GE Money Bank

Interactive experience / Microsite and smartphone syncing / Cool action video production

Every Eighth

ING Pojišťovna

Breast cancer online campaign / Microsite and FB app / Four video stories production

Rapid Spaceback


Ultimate test drive / Google Streetview API based app / Twenty most scenic world drives

Lindt Hello

Lindt & Sprüngli

Multi-channel campaign / FB fashion app / First Czech Leap Motion control event

ČEZ redesign


Graphic and UX redesign / Product optimization / User-oriented copywriting

Magnesia redesign

Karlovarské minerální vody

New structure and design / Interactive magnesium quiz / Personalized eating and life hints



Kids and parent website / Hand-drawn design / Knowledgebase of activities for kids



Best Czech FB app of 2012 / Video-flash ski-jumping game / Social network challenge

For You

ING Pojišťovna

Breast cancer insurance campaign / Product site with extensive content / Video series starring Lucie Bílá

Magnesia Duel

Karlovarské minerální vody

Custom YT gadget development / Voting mechanism / Interactive video content

House of Jan Becher

Pernod Ricard

Virtual house-microsite / Unique graphics / Global project for the world markets

GE Money Bank

Contactless payment campaign / Interactive video story / Content production

T-Mobile Christmas


Interactive video controlled by a phone call / Special video content / Video-flash game

Ikea lullaby


Mobile lullaby and bedtime stories app / In-house development / CZ, SK, HU implementation redesign


BPlayful graphic design / Clear and simple UX design / Variable graphics for banners

National theatre redesign

Ministery of Culture of the Czech Republic

Minimalistic and modern graphic design / Responsive / Simplified conversion process

T-Mobile redesign


Complete redesign of more than 1 000 pages / Easy-to-navigate structure / Simple clear design

Packing battle

ČSOB Pojišťovna

3D flash game / Character design / In-house voice casting and production

Give your phone a soul


Extensive research / Amusing statistics / Infographics

Euro 2012


Multi-channel digital campaign / Interactive event / Mobile app development

ČP Redesign

Česká pojišťovna

New web architecture / Graphic design / Interactive elements improving the navigation

Era Smart Banking

Poštovní spořitelna

Copywriting-oriented concept / Active SMS gate connection / 150 lines of excellent copy

Municipal library redesign

Městská knihovna v Praze

Complete architecture / Graphic design / Online catalogue interface restructuring

Peugeot test drive


Interactive video site / Video production and postproduction / Video banner campaign

AISA Express


Playful and funny microsite / Infographics explaining the product / Price calculator redesign


Simple and clear graphics / Intuitive UX design / Sales and promotion strategy development

Social Summit

Event microsite / Dynamic content / Live streaming from FB and Twitter

Trip around the globe

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Travel insurance campaign / Interactive quiz game / Addictive game experience

Hot Wheels Garage


Living city made of players garages / Racing and economy game / Highly addictive

Let your body drive


Face and motion recognition / Webcam control / 3D modelled car and city circuit

Christmas prophecy


Personalized video content / 3D modelling / Huge viral effect

Nebuď Jarda!

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Real time phone call interaction / Virtual phone exchange / Unique phone number for every page view



Village as awesome as Chuck Norris / Real cardboard website / Addictive game

Poštovní spořitelna redesign

Poštovní spořitelna

Easily digestible graphic design / Quick navigation / Interactive and easy-to-complete forms

Baťa redesign


Intuitive and clear structure / Global brand guidepost / Multinational client service


ČSOB Pojišťovna

Cartoon character design / 14 animated endings / Immediately viral on social networks



Unique 3D engine / Real time play with real users / Levelling based gameplay

JoJo Planet

Line Art Group

Kids meeting point / Web development and maintenance / Hundreds of interactive games

Pilsner Urquell redesign

Plzeňský Prazdroj

Timeless design / Google maps API based pub locator / Ambassador loyalty program

The new Škoda Octavia

Škoda Auto

Virtual Škoda design center / Overall video production / Interactive games

Car insurance

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Living city construction / Stop motion animation / Complete video and animation production

Money Manager

GE Money Bank

Money management web app / User activity focused design / Based upon real user behaviour testing