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Nice little website with fluffy buttons to promote SAZKA’s scratchcards. And if you wonder why there’s a moose staring at you, it’s because the words moose and scratchard are simply the synonyms in Czech. Funny, isn’t it?



Campaign that shakes off the image of Schweppes as a single-product brand. New brand claim, hero video spiced with animations and juicy Facebook communication. It’s wild, full of fruit and delicate tastes. Turn the volume up and join the party!

Fulfil your dreams online


We helped the Czech biggest lottery company enter the world of online betting. We designed the whole portal and focused strongly on user experience making the online bet easy as pie.

Back on track

Czech railways

We helped the Czech railway operator shine once again. We created a simple, crystal clear and user-friendly web design, making the navigation and user experience as beautiful and smooth as a train ride through our beloved country.

Website loaded with energy


From the basic analysis to final fancy design details. Yes, we’ve built it from the scratch. The website became the basis for a brand new corporate identity. Check it out!

When the stork arrives

Hypoteční banka

In the CZ we say that babies are brought by the stork. And this stork was the hero of our campaign offering a special mortgage discount for new parents. Offline and online.

Foresee the future


Instead of just wishing a happy new year (boring), we asked famous TV oracle Jolanda about some important events in the upcoming year 2017. Find out for yourself.

Engage events


We have built a new digital home for world's largest and most influential social media events.

Let's have a talk

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Emotional video concept for social media Target group analysis / Moving online video / Effective social media campaign and website

Product education campaign


Microsite / Interactive calculator with brand’s benefits

Story of Heinrich Mattoni

Karlovarské minerální vody

Discover Heinrich Mattoni's life in an unconventional way / Hand drawn graphics / Late 19th century retro / Microsite

Back in time


Mobile web application / Retro selfie / Face recognition / Mapping face into animation

Social media in paradise


Conference website / Intuitive UX / Payment and registration / Polygon curtain

Beyond radar


Product video with 3D elements / Easy management via Orange Gate CMS / Intuitive UX

Get or give a gift


Emotional storytelling / Advanced photo shoot postproduction / Intensive Facebook campaign

At the touch of a button


Interactive stop motion animation / Unique use of FB and YT functions / Social media campaign

Find your new office


Search and map innovation / Easy comparison of the offers / Exportable search results

Don´t give up your hobby


Inspiring campaign / Outstanding banner performance / GoPro camera video shoot

Lottery photo helper


Transforming picture into numbers / Emotional and personal content usage / Polygonization

Unexpected combinations


In-house video production / Website redesign / Extensive multi-format campaign

Curaçao online magazine

Fortress Interactive

Interactive online magazine / Animations / Clear and responsive design

Make yourself a Schorle

Karlovarské minerální vody

New product category establishment / Responsive interactive animation / Extensive banner campaign

Lonely Planet Czech

Svojtka & Co.

Content oriented website / Seamless design / Local design beating the global solution

Become an Avon Lady

Avon Cosmetics CZ

Simple and comprehensive recruitment site / Instagram-feel design / Clearly organized content

Insurance company website

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Fully personalized website / SOYKA system implementation / Customized product pages



Presidential simulator game / Hilarious graphics / Immediate viral effect

Vyčůrané přání


First peeing in the snow simulator / Microsite and smartphone syncing / Gyroscope tracking

Chef vs. Machine


Six episodes of YT cooking show / In-house video production / Extensive rich-media display campaign

Easy ironing


In-house video production / Extensive customer testing / Performance, image and video banners

Christmas baking


Real website baking / Easter-egg surprise in the code / Baking-of video

Henri the billionaire


Building the character personality / In-house video production / Intensive content campaign

Let’s blog about stuff


Simple, clear and responsive blog / Non selling brand building platform / Content marketing

Magnesia RED

Karlovarské minerální vody

Addictive scrolling game / Playful way to explain the product benefits / Extensive banner campaign

The story of chocolate

Lindt & Sprüngli

Interactive brand story experience / Infotainment application / Hand drawn mini games

Other side of SIM


Character concept, design and animation / Animated videos / Context display campaign

Volavka attacks!


Digital campaign microsite / Funny phone calls explaining the product benefits / Display campaign

My train app

České dráhy

Rail info mobile application / Graphic design / UX design

Perfect coffee moment


Brand image campaign / Story based microsite / Interactive in-video elements

Avon Sport

Avon Cosmetics CZ

FB application / Innovative game mechanism / Hints driving user actions

Philips Multicooker


Product-oriented microsite / Interactive scrolling experience / Live cooking show with Zdeněk Pohlreich

Ask your neighbor

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Data based website / Personalized newsletter campaign / Simple graphic design

Juice up your mobile

ČEZ Group

Loyalty program mobile app / UX and graphic design / Web API connection

Bramac redesign


Revised UX design / Modern graphic design approach / Interactive house visualization

Philips Lumea


Full scale digital campaign – CZ, SK, HU / Womanly designed microsite / ”Ode to smoothness” video

Start your own café!

Douwe Egberts

FB app development / Social tools implementation / Display banner and social ads campaign

Mattoni redesign

Karlovarské minerální vody

Timeless & classy design / nteractive backgrounds / Tempting and lively browsing experience

Learn to play Sportka


Yearlong concept / Microsite with tips and tricks to win / Online lottery helpers

Red Carpet Challenge

Karlovarské minerální vody

Czech Film Academy Awards campaign / YT custom gadget development / Bloopers section

T-Mobile Biathlon


Multiscreen interactive experience / Microsite and smartphone syncing / Video production and postproduction

ViralBlog mobile app


Global mobile app / Vast database content connection / Easy customization

Magnesium campaign

Karlovarské minerální vody

First Czech live banner campaign / More than 700 comments on daily news / Content monitoring system

Pay & run!

GE Money Bank

Interactive experience / Microsite and smartphone syncing / Cool action video production

Every Eighth

ING Pojišťovna

Breast cancer online campaign / Microsite and FB app / Four video stories production

Rapid Spaceback


Ultimate test drive / Google Streetview API based app / Twenty most scenic world drives

Lindt Hello

Lindt & Sprüngli

Multi-channel campaign / FB fashion app / First Czech Leap Motion control event

ČEZ redesign


Graphic and UX redesign / Product optimization / User-oriented copywriting

Magnesia redesign

Karlovarské minerální vody

New structure and design / Interactive magnesium quiz / Personalized eating and life hints



Kids and parent website / Hand-drawn design / Knowledgebase of activities for kids



Best Czech FB app of 2012 / Video-flash ski-jumping game / Social network challenge

For You

ING Pojišťovna

Breast cancer insurance campaign / Product site with extensive content / Video series starring Lucie Bílá

Magnesia Duel

Karlovarské minerální vody

Custom YT gadget development / Voting mechanism / Interactive video content

House of Jan Becher

Pernod Ricard

Virtual house-microsite / Unique graphics / Global project for the world markets

GE Money Bank

Contactless payment campaign / Interactive video story / Content production

T-Mobile Christmas


Interactive video controlled by a phone call / Special video content / Video-flash game

Ikea lullaby


Mobile lullaby and bedtime stories app / In-house development / CZ, SK, HU implementation redesign


BPlayful graphic design / Clear and simple UX design / Variable graphics for banners

National theatre redesign

Ministery of Culture of the Czech Republic

Minimalistic and modern graphic design / Responsive / Simplified conversion process

T-Mobile redesign


Complete redesign of more than 1 000 pages / Easy-to-navigate structure / Simple clear design

Packing battle

ČSOB Pojišťovna

3D flash game / Character design / In-house voice casting and production

Give your phone a soul


Extensive research / Amusing statistics / Infographics

Euro 2012


Multi-channel digital campaign / Interactive event / Mobile app development

ČP Redesign

Česká pojišťovna

New web architecture / Graphic design / Interactive elements improving the navigation

Era Smart Banking

Poštovní spořitelna

Copywriting-oriented concept / Active SMS gate connection / 150 lines of excellent copy

Municipal library redesign

Městská knihovna v Praze

Complete architecture / Graphic design / Online catalogue interface restructuring

Peugeot test drive


Interactive video site / Video production and postproduction / Video banner campaign

AISA Express


Playful and funny microsite / Infographics explaining the product / Price calculator redesign


Simple and clear graphics / Intuitive UX design / Sales and promotion strategy development

Social Summit

Event microsite / Dynamic content / Live streaming from FB and Twitter

Trip around the globe

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Travel insurance campaign / Interactive quiz game / Addictive game experience

Hot Wheels Garage


Living city made of players garages / Racing and economy game / Highly addictive

Let your body drive


Face and motion recognition / Webcam control / 3D modelled car and city circuit

Christmas prophecy


Personalized video content / 3D modelling / Huge viral effect

Nebuď Jarda!

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Real time phone call interaction / Virtual phone exchange / Unique phone number for every page view



Village as awesome as Chuck Norris / Real cardboard website / Addictive game

Poštovní spořitelna redesign

Poštovní spořitelna

Easily digestible graphic design / Quick navigation / Interactive and easy-to-complete forms

Baťa redesign


Intuitive and clear structure / Global brand guidepost / Multinational client service


ČSOB Pojišťovna

Cartoon character design / 14 animated endings / Immediately viral on social networks



Unique 3D engine / Real time play with real users / Levelling based gameplay

JoJo Planet

Line Art Group

Kids meeting point / Web development and maintenance / Hundreds of interactive games

Pilsner Urquell redesign

Plzeňský Prazdroj

Timeless design / Google maps API based pub locator / Ambassador loyalty program

The new ŠKODA Octavia


Virtual ŠKODA design center / Overall video production / Interactive games

Car insurance

ČSOB Pojišťovna

Living city construction / Stop motion animation / Complete video and animation production

Money Manager

GE Money Bank

Money management web app / User activity focused design / Based upon real user behaviour testing