For CineStar
Another big bang in
Cinestar Universe

Let’s put it straight

When you’re taking your bae to a movie, you choose the cinema according to its location or its schedule, don’t you? You do.

And that's our task, right there.

What’s our goal

We need to get people to choose CineStar over the other multiplex cinemas in Czechia. In a world full of popcorn, nachos and movies, we had to find the real difference and make CineStar great (not again). And what is greater than the universe itself?"

Our idea

CineStar is not just any cinema. We truly love movies just as much as you do. With special premieres and ČSFD hall, CineStar is a space for real movie lovers.


Every good universe consists of some physical properties, so we created them. One by one. And put them into a very nice brandbook so other interstellar visitors can create them too.

Popcorn packaging

Because everyone loves eating those tiny crunchy asteroids in a box, right?

Outdoor CLVs

How to communicate on Earth and with other planets?


Probably showing different space food than you’d expect.


Well, we won’t lie. There are only one-way tickets to space.

Print ads

For ads as tangible as the whole new CineStar universe.

CineStar Characters


When you need an explorer to see it, you need a kickass Spaceman made of blood and bones. OK, made of really cool XY hours of 3D modelling. Spaceman is not like the other astronauts, he doesn't really know a lot about space, but he does know a lot about movies, believe us.


Where would be Batman without Robin? Thelma without Louise? Or Tom Hanks without Wilson the volleyball? Every hero needs a partner. So we gave Spaceman Helenka - a lovely, motherly and smart-as-a-whip computer.


they’ll be wandering, watching movies, and debating them under the stars... in the whole cool new universe named CineStar.

So what now, are you looking for your new awesome universe as well?

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