For Czech Technical University
How to draw the smartest high school
students attention? Create a mystery!
The shining sewer

Situation: The best technical school
deserves better advertising than music videos.
but how can
we do it?

Drag attention of the 24 000 current university
students and give them something to
talk about with their
high ‑school friends

the mystery


Introducing “The mystery of the shining sewer”We started a real
student movement

Soon enough, students took up the mystery by themselvesand even had
the sewer inspected
by police

The media caught up with the story right afterResult: Live coverage
in national press
and online

Earned media value
1,5 milion CZK
Including, and MF
Dnes and a 100% organic reach on social
media within our target group!

  • Mladá fronta DNES

And how did it all
turn out?

Video cover

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