For Leo Express
A deeply complex solution, tightly connected to brand and strategy
The new face
of Leo Express

Before we startLeo Express is a successful private bus and train
operator with door-to-door service.

A start up that has
grown into being a market

Our goals
were as follows

Create a website that everyone would want to copy

sell more than 90% of tickets online

Keep the dynamics and ferocity of a start-up

Keep the dynamics and ferocity of a start-up

We're an
integrated agency

So of course we did it all in-house

To deliver such a complex project we needed toPut our best men on it

We chose React Nativefor the mobile application

Just like
we learn from
the greats

We're also one of the first in the
Czech Republic to use CMS, which somehow
lost its head

Headless CMS
Btw, it's a pretty handy gizmo that allows you to provide content to any channel and device through an API.
Shit happens
Made by Kentico
In order to deliver the most user friendly experience, we even left our comfy chairs, went out and spoke to actual people.

The website is not onlybeautiful and innovative


But it's also incrediblyfast

And guess what?
We've also created a splendid
mobile app

Did you just fall in love?

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