For Czech people
The all-time most precise
simulation of being a czech president
Mr. Z.

When …

  • pussywalk-drop--01 pussywalk-face
    you are ashamed
    of your own
    president …
  • pussywalk-drop--02 pussywalk-cake
    his populist
    speeches are dividing
    the nation …
  • pussywalk-drop--03 pussywalk-bottles
    he is the antithesis
    of common
    courtesy …

We wanted
to remind people
of a few things

The crown jewels viruspussywalk-drop--01 Some old friends in Lukoilpussywalk-drop--02 His crème de la crème teampussywalk-drop--03 The cigarette tray incidentpussywalk-drop--04

Any resemblance with any
president is coincidental.


It’s not a virus,
it’s physics!
QWOPping game physics to the next level


Press and hold to lift the legs.

MC Miloshis on the MIC tonight

We teamed up with the authors
of YouTube’s smash hit remixes.

Viral hit with a media budget of 135 Eurosand mentions ranging from Czech TV to biggest Czech YouTubers
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