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How to create promising brand campaign

RIA: Promises
to my vagina

Breaking stereotypes for good


We held up a mirror to society

Before uncovering how to create a word of mouth on a topic that no one wants to talk about, let’s put it into context. Not many people knew Ria at that time, nor did they know where the vagina is. The ignorance, as well as the shame associated with women's reproductive health, eventually led to neglect of prevention. So, we had to catch the opportunity and be the ones to bravely start putting vaginas into the spotlight. We have created a campaign that communicates the importance of self-acceptance with Loono as a strategic partner and consultee. We have opened up the topic, involved the community, and educated girls helping them to love and care for their bodies. As well as Ria of course. Check (for) yourself.

  • Powerful brand building
  • Breaking the stereotype
  • Creating word of mouth
  • Earning media
  • Engaging community
  • Educating girls
  • Preventing the downsides of ignorance

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