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Our goal was to strenghten the link
between Mattoni Schorle and Apple Juice.
We introduce you
Personal apples

Schorle - Personal ApplesSchorle - Personal Apples
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It all started with a simple facebook question...How do you juice up
 your love?


It’s all about simple little things and the fact that we‘re still able to surprise ourselves.

David Arazim


Me and my partner, we just love to do something unexpected!

Alžběta Živá


We do crazy things, almost like children, trying to surprise each other.

Aleš Zima

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We took the answers and grew personal
apples of love. Using nothing but sunlight!
Every single apple
became a unique proof of deep affection

Schorle - Create Personal Apple
Schorle - Leaf Right Two

The video story of the personalized applePeaked at 750 000 views

330 personalized applesAllowed us to reach
 1.4 million people

Schorle - Left Leaf ThreeSchorle - Right Leaf Three

going toe to toe with nature.Many apples have gone bad. Humidity destroyed
 our timelapse camera. Apples got ripe a month too early.
And yes, we still made it.

Yup, That's what we do.

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